Artist Bio

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1964 and raised in Canada, Paula Jane Marie  was exposed to many different forms of art at an early age due to the extremely creative people in her life, who were writers and artists. Learning to express herself through art came easily, and as her love of creative expression grew, so did her palette for expressing her creativity usng different mediums.

Paula  is primarily self taught, with a unique eye for colour and contrast, but has always enrolled in art classes sporadically in order to remain exposed to the current trends. She considers herself a life learner, which has helped her remain creative throughout her artistic experiences. Until recently, Paula put art on the back burner to raise a family and pursue a career in healthcare.

The opportunity to become a full time artist presented itself with a move to the country, where inspiration is ever-present, allowing for an abundance of creativity.

Now, with her life experiences and a passion for creating, she has found that her creative mediums lie mostly in the areas of clay and paint as Clay is highly tactile, whereas paint is more cerebral. Paula finds the combination perfect for conveying the connectivity of mankind, both to one another and to their surroundings.

Paula’s vast array of life experiences, both in her former career working with the elderly and dying, as well as in parenting, have shown her that life is short and you have to live it to the fullest every day. She feels fortunate that art has helped her immensely with this realization and with being self-aware; it is a passion that holds no boundaries for her.

She paints what she feels in her abstracts, and she also paints the beauty of the world on canvas. She sees her talent as a privilege, and the ability to share it as a gift. She views any positive or negative emotion drawn from another with her artwork as a good emotion. her entire goal is to connect to her audience by evoking all types of emotion, negative and positive alike. Paula’s creative process is different with painting and with clay works.

To achieve her paintings, Paula uses whatever it takes to reach the end result, including paintbrushes. While working with clay, the ideas happen as she maneuvers the clay in various ways, forming it to become what it is meant to be.

Edited by Rochelle Schmitt Niji Magazine